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Beauty Photography Dubai Common Mistakes

Jun 14, 2017 / by Everest Dsouza / In Services / Leave a comment


Beauty Photography Dubai Common Mistakes

We have rounded up five common beauty photography Dubai mistakes made by beginner Beauty Photographers.

  1. Self-Belief

Many photographers do not have access to resources while starting out as beginners such as good models, studio, creative team, expensive gear, and lighting equipment. With access to the world now at your fingertips, building your team is easier with social media, online groups, and communities.

You may not find the team who possess the right wealth of experience but shooting regularly and analyzing each other’s work will help you grow together. You do not own a fancy studio or have access to one. Well, you can start with your living room or building basement. All you need is very little space with a little corner and a blank wall for beauty photography Dubai.

You can shoot Beauty portraits for private clients anywhere – on a couch, in a balcony/living room. Practice shooting anywhere until you get it right.

Lights, Camera, and lenses.

No matter if, you cannot afford expensive lights, professional cameras, and lenses. You can buy the cheapest light stand and begin. Your skills and ability to capture beautiful images and direct your models have nothing to do with professional equipment. All you need is practice to become perfect.

  1. Incorrect Lenses

For beauty shots, you do not need to use a wide-angle lens, as you do not want to include much of the surroundings into the frame.

A Telephoto lens is ideal for a beauty photography Dubai. Moreover, stick with 70mm-200mm for beauty photoshoot as anything under 70-200mm focal length changes facial features and proportions.

The more canvas space a face takes up in a photo, we recommend shooting with a longer focal length.

Please note that you will need a macro lens to shoot with if you are clicking a very tight close up such eyes, lips, etc.

  1. Shooting with Camera Level above Models Eye Level

Another common mistake made by beauty photographers is they shoot down from a camera level above the model’s eye level, which makes their neck look shorter.

For example, when a model is sitting on a stool during the shoot, you need to crouch or kneel down looking slightly up which helps to elongate the model’s neck and also make her look elegant and stylish.

  1. Distance

One common mistake beauty photography Dubai beginners make is they step too far away from the model to be photographed.

When it comes to fashion and editorial photography, we include many surroundings into the frame and use wide-angle lens. With beauty, we need to mainly focus on the models face and need to be close to it and keep little negative space around the models head.

  1. Photoshop Mindset & Communication Gap

Being observant and paying attention to minuscule details during beauty photography Dubai photo shoot can help ease your work during the post-production stage.

Even if you are excellent with your retouching skills, you can save yourself ample time unless you have a makeup artist or hairstylist.

Fixing the models smeared makeup, entwined necklace, and models hairstyle can save you a good amount of time before you release the shutter.

Another common problem is the lack of communication. Talking to your model while shooting helps your model feel comfortable and informed, which helps you get better poses and facial expressions out of your model.

Good communication, connection, and understanding between you and your model helps you create good beauty photography.


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