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Digital Marketing is the most fruitful way to connect with audience in the right time and at the right place. What better place is there than the internet, where people spend most of their time? We know how much of a powerful tool Digital Marketing is. This is why we make sure to take full advantage and utilize it in order to make your business grow.

SPINNERS is made up of a passionate and creative team. We are fueled by determination and innovation, in addition to always having a set plan, unique for each brand. We use our knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing to provide the best services to help a brand expand. At SPINNERS, there are four main services that fall under the umbrella of Digital Marketing, and those include:

1. Social Media

Through Social Media, a brand can reach a large number of people and pin down its target audience easily. Not only does Social Media help in increasing traffic to a website, but it also increases the potential audience of a brand.

We know that each brand should be treated differently. This is why we put effort into always improving the quality of the Social Media services we provide. We make sure that the ads we run, as well as the accounts we manage, always appear in high quality. We are precise in our work and leave no place for errors, knowing that a brand should look its best on Social Media.

Content is what keeps the audience engaged and good content should be a result of diversity. An audience gets tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. For that reason, we make sure that the content we create keeps the audience on their toes and waiting for the next new thing. Since everyone is a fan of diversity, we work on making every profile different from the other in addition to having a handful of options when it comes to content creation.

The most satisfying part for both us and the brand is seeing the fruits of our labor! With Social Media, results are instant and significant. By putting in all the effort it takes to attract and engage a brand’s audience, we witness growth. A brand reaches its potential as well as gains the loyalty and trust of its audience through Social Media and with those results, a brand keeps growing and expanding.

2. Web Design

SPINNERS also specializes in Web Design. Since a website is the home of a brand, it is important to have a website that is inviting and appealing to the brand’s audience. Our team of web and graphic designers meet with clients in order to understand their needs and objectives.  In addition to that, we tailor websites accordingly to reflect their business objectives and overall deliver the best results for their business. We design websites integrating the latest technology and keep your business and target market in mind.


3. Google Ads

PPC, Pay-per-click, as the name indicates, is a paid method to attract more audience to a website. This method is used as a way to gain audience rather than earn the audience organically. It is an effective way to boost website traffic and once it is used effectively, it makes a huge difference for the brand. When a Google PCC is effective, the visits that the website receives proves to be more than worth the price paid. One of the most common types of Google PPC is Google AdWords.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As opposed to the previous service, SEO is used to increase the amount of organic, or free, reach of audience. It is a process where your website is optimized to rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). At SPINNERS, our Digital Marketing team will optimize your brand’s online content using various strategies and techniques. This way, SERP will display it as a topmost result based on certain keyword search. This will guarantee your brand to be on the first page on search engine results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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