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What Makes an Exhibition Stand.. Standout?

The first impression is often the lasting impression. Therefore, creating the best impression always begins with a well designed exhibition stand. An exhibition stand is important to any business that is in the market, and every exhibition stand should be able to tell a different story.

The visitors move towards a specific idea by a story created and designed. First of all, the brand is studied very well, keeping its market position in mind. After that, the designer finds his inspiration in the process of creating the stand.

The inspiration in this case comes from the logo of the company which is inspired from networks.

Then the designer creates a concept that is unique to that brand alone. Furthermore, the concept’s target remains the same for each and every brand which is to promote, stand out and inspire. At this point, the designer would have started working on the sketches that work as a map for the design to move on to the next step. The designers work closely with the brand on a weekly basis and updates on the design which is visualized.

Next, the concept turns into a 3D design which will include every minor detail. In addition to that, the client gets to choose whether the designs are simple or complex as it can be with LED lights and screens being inclusive.

Finally, the product comes to life! A designer’s responsibility is to translate the brand’s image into one design. Creative minds and a clear vision for the brand aids in transforming and sometimes, re-branding an organization. A design team that can take on the complications and read a client’s mind is important for any exhibition stand; after all, the first impression is often the lasting impression.

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