Exhibition Stand Portfolio

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Featured Works

We take pride in knowing that our major strength lies in designing creative, out of the box exhibition stands, matching the client’s business goals.

Antonov / BreakBulk

The Antonov Exhibition Stand is a distinctive stand that was inspired by an engine of an airplane.  Our designers excel at coming up with an idea that is complex to create yet radiates beauty from its simplicity.


Danube / The Big 5

From droplets of water, our designers were inspired to create a life-sized exhibition stand that displayed the element. The design is adorned by the color of water and despite the simple idea, it was designed to look modern and elegant.



Click / EBACE

Our biggest inspiration for creating the brilliant exhibition stand for Click Aviation Network was Networks. For this project, we aimed to prepare a strong structure for the company with an elegant and high-tech exhibition stand created with a futuristic style.


Why Work With Us

Our strength lies in our team which is made up of highly passionate individuals. Those individuals are specialized in creating out of the box designs by understanding, optimizing, and executing the design into reality.

We create an individual and unique story for each brand, keeping in mind that we need to come up with an outstanding concept. The concept’s target remains the same, we  aim to promote, stand out and inspire. Our results speaks for themselves.

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