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Beauty Photography

A make-up brand can show its full potential only through beauty photography rather than product photography. With beauty photography, the quality of a product vividly shows on the face of the model. For SPINNERS, it does not just stop there.

We try to incorporate as much creativity as possible in everything we do. For that reason, when it comes to beauty photography, we always come up with unique concepts. For Heba Kourdi Make-up, our beauty photography aimed to represent the detail in the product. Since the pictures had to be simple, we chose solid colored backgrounds. The solid colored backgrounds would keep the viewer’s attention focused on the make-up. In addition to the background color, the angle and size of shot play an important role in beauty photography. Beauty photography aims to show the product and therefore, the photographer took the shots from closer angles.

Although we aimed to keep the photos simple, we did not forget to add a touch of creativity to the shoot. Playing around with shadows showed to be an interesting approach for beauty photography. By covering the source of light, the shadow adds a little darkness to the photos which works as a way of contrast. This way, the make-up product looks magnified and the resulted pictures looks artistic.


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Beauty Photography
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