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Click Aviation Network strongly believes that efficient networking creates business opportunities. Their stands should help re-establish and solidify their existing position in the Middle Eastern aviation industry’s marketplace.  The network connects  the integrated platforms for the aviation industry’s many branches. Charter Brokers, operators and suppliers all network through Click Aviation Network. This, in return, helps them grow, connect so they can build their financial and commercial processes. The ever growing network hoped to create exciting aesthetic designs for its exhibition stand that is equivalent to the brand’s identity.

MEBBA Exibition Stand Design:
The leading business aviation exhibition, MEBAA (Middle East Business Aviation Association)  held on 6th December 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Center opened an opportunity for us to showcase our unique and innovative ideas for Click Aviation Network. Hours of our creative team’s brainstorming sessions had to take place in order to create a design. However, SPINNERS manages to craft an intriguing futuristic design. Moreover, the design is a result of inspirations  from airline paths. The color white represents purity, perfection, freedom and versatility. As a result of our passion, a stand with everlasting impression came to life.

EBACE Exhibition Stand Design:
In the European Business Aviation Community that had taken place earlier this year 22nd-24th May at Geneva’s  magnificent Palexpo. The creatives at SPINNERS started working with lines placed at random, intersecting each other, to represent world wide networking. The color Red and white  helps in maintaining the consistency throughout the brand. All sides of the booths were kept open so the design has a free form. As a result, the illustrators named it “hive. This translates Click Network’s motto: To build, connect and aid network growth along with business opportunities worldwide.


To know more about SPINNERS exhibition stand projects, check our Behance.


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