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Photography is essential for a brand, especially since it is a way to flaunt the beauty of a brand’s products. When it comes to fashion photography, creativity is what gives this tool power. After all, fashion photography falls under content creation for SPINNERS, and our content creation’s core is always creativity.

For designer Nazih Ali, fashion photography was a must to present his brand to his audience. To drift away from the traditional studio photography for fashion, we added our own twist. We saw this project as an opportunity to present our fashion photography in a conceptual way. In addition to scheduling a studio shoot, we decided to add a little outdoor fashion shoot.

Since the indoor shoot consisted of either a black or grey background, the items chosen for the model to wear had to contrast with the background color. As for the outdoor shoot, there was more creativity in the background. The background had to consist of colors that look good with the piece the model is wearing. Because of that, the outdoor background played an important role in adding more color to the shoot as a whole. As for the indoor shoot, it resulted in sharp and contrasting images.

We see fashion photography as a way to experiment different tools of creativity, and as an opportunity to bring a concept to life all while creating content for a brand.

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