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The Fresh Fruits Company is the leading importer and exporter of fresh produce in the Middle East. The company has nearly four decades of experience in the market. This experience includes delivering the highest quality of fresh produce to the biggest names in retail, foodservice and hospitality.

Fruita Brand Logo:
However, the company required re-branding for one of their branching companies yet keep the original logo without changing the main aspects of it. As a result, a logo that is now more eye catching came to life. The range of color wave makes it more visible which are naturally present in the nature. This maintains the brand’s identity of being fresh and healthy. In addition, we also connect with the colors yellow and certain shades of red as colors of food and appetite. This helps distinguishing and standing out among competitors in the market.

Fresh Fruits Photography Project:
The Fresh Fruits Company lacked a virtual shopping experience for customers that have high interest in the in-store shopping experience, giving shoppers a clear and realistic view in a virtual environment. Furthermore, what the company needed was the next best thing to a showroom experience. This experience would allow the customers to virtually walk around the product and even “lean” in for a better look. As a result, SPINNERS helped the Fresh Fruits Company create their product image by photographing their different products. Since SPINNERS believes that when shopping online, high-resolution photographs are the closest a customer can get to picking up, touching, and inspecting the item, we made sure to give the company exactly that. Our photography service has helped the Fresh Fruits Company gain more credibility from their customers; due to the virtual experience they get from the pictures. In addition to that, the Fresh Fruits Company is able to use the photographs on their social media accounts. Also, they can use them in their catalog content, which will lead to increased publicity.


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