La Mirada

La Mirada is the first Spanish department store in the UAE.  The retail brand provides a range of high quality international brands under one roof. They cater to men, women, children, and infants. In addition to that, La Mirada is well known for their excellent quality products manufactured in Spain.

La Mirada Content Creation

The company wanted to produce high-quality photographs that would best portray their boutique products. They also wanted photographs that appeal to the local market and attract potential customers.

SPINNERS photographers aimed to create high quality photographs that would not only appeal to the local market, but also boost the company’s online presence. Since the photos have to be consistent to achieve a strong brand image, we worked to creatively plan a consistent and simplistic tone for the photographs. This would allow clear representation and advertisement of the garments.

We chose models for specific garment types that they would represent best. The team also carefully selected backdrops that would clearly contrast the model and the garment. Our retouch team had to plan how to delicately edit the raw pictures to highlight the product and to further represent the company’s brand image.

La Mirada Digital Marketing

In addition to the photoshoots, La Mirada also needed Social Media management and marketing. Our experienced team worked on dedicating the time La Mirada needed to make its presence online. Since the easiest way to reach a target audience is on the internet, La Mirada needed to have a strong presence on popular social media platforms.

The boutique’s products are put out to the public on their social media platforms. This way, the audience will stay updated on the brand’s products. Special offers and sales are posted online which will attract potential customers, as well as drive their existing customers to make use of the offers.

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