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Level 99 photography Project;

Level 99 is a renowned footwear store, located in Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, Abu Dhabi. Level 99 is well known for producing authentic leather men’s sandals that are 100% handmade and of top-notch quality.  Level 99 is a high-quality brand and targets all Arab people segment in general and Emirati people in particular.

Level 99 core aim is to create brand awareness and promote its wide range of genuine leather footwear through high-quality vivid product visuals.

Above all, Level 99 requirement aim was to produce professional high-quality photographs to display and promote across all social media platforms and marketing collaterals including print.

However, the greatest challenge for this photography project was to be unique and different and convey the essence of the brand and quality of its products through vibrant images. In addition, capturing these photos with proper product composition, product positioning, and lighting effects that will strike a connection with its audience from the very first glance and increase overall customer engagement.

Consequently, SPINNERS professional photographers provided a creative solution by taking advantage of the art of lighting. For instance, we created a perfect ambiance for each shot depending on the product we were shooting. Of course, this was with the aim of directing the audience’s eye to specific angles from an artistic point of view. In addition, we accomplished this by highlighting specific colors and components.

As a result, SPINNERS’s professional photographers and retouching experts could produce unique and creative pictures for “Level99” product photography. Moreover, these pictures could reflect Level 99 own brand identity and general look and feel.

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