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Beautilicious Photography Project:

Beautilicious photography project is a makeup colors project inspired by sweets and presented to Natura Siberica Makeup.

Natura Siberica objective was to penetrate in the UAE Market and target the women segment with its wide-range of makeup products through pictures that are appealing.

Since Beauty and food go hand in hand, SPINNERS greatest challenge was to bring in creativity to the project. Casting professional models for the makeup project was a daunting task. Secondly, assembling a selection of desserts that blend in perfectly with the makeup colors to use on models was time consuming.

However, SPINNERS photographers stepped up to the challenge and delivered exceptional results within the project deadline. Our photographers had to decide between various colors shades, patterns, and materials before taking a shot.

SPINNERS’ makeup artist experimented with different shades of makeup on models to achieve a unique and appropriate look. Our photographers selected the right backdrop for the photoshoot depending on the Model’s physical traits i.e. eye color, skin tone, hair color, etc. Delicious desserts such as donuts, pastries, and muffins that are captivating and blend in perfectly with the makeup colors were chosen for the photoshoot.

The portraits captured were appealing and shot with great flair and creativity.

To know more about “Beautilicious” project, check our photography website.
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