Orient Express Branding Design

Orient Express Brand Logo Design

Orient Express, named after the luxurious train from the late 1800’s, is a restaurant serving fusion cuisines.
However, the restaurant requires branding to create a strong brand identity and competitive edge in the market.Consequently, SPINNERS took up the challenge and got inspired by the many cultures across the Europe and middle east that has connected due to the train’s routes.

Hence, he train’s symbol of comfort, class, elegance and the melting pot of cultures is what inspired the brand’s logo.
The routes where different cultures met is integrated into the brand logo and mirrored in a circular pattern.
Furthermore, the mandala created represents the globe and mixed cultures. Cultures across Europe and middle east when combined creates a unique designs.
In addition, rich color tones on the logo added an appealing yet calming feel. Black and white or magenta and gold focuses on the aesthetic appeal. The English font’s style flows in an Eastern fashion. As a result, the shape of letters represents every element of the past, filled with heritage and new experiences. The mandala’s inspiration from train paths fits into the “O” of Orient perfectly, which further intensifies its elegance.

Alongside the brand Logo, variations of menus, brochures, flyers, business cards, roll-ups, websites and advertisements is designed.
Consequently, this helps maintaining the uniformity of the restaurant across cities. 

SPINNERS successfully created intriguing designs that not only enhances the brand’s identity but also reflects the rich heritage and cultures the restaurant originated from.

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