Walk N Closet Photography Project

The Walk N Closet photography project focuses on fashion photography to represent the garments produced by the company.


Walk N Closet is a luxury clothing store located in Jumeirah, Dubai. They offer the best modern styled Abayas for women and are known for their exquisite detail within their garments.


The company’s main aim was to develop high quality photographs, which best represented their products. These photographs would help them boost their brand awareness through their social media platforms and would help them penetrate the local female market.


Due to the Abaya being a conservative type of clothing, SPINNERS Photographers needed to creatively plan a way to best represent the ‘modern’ element that the brand embeds within its Abayas. Our team would also have to focus on attracting potential customers by representing the garments in a relatable fashion.


With the use of our top-of-the-line photography equipment, the SPINNERS photography and retouch team specifically targeted areas of the garments that highlighted the arabic patterns, lace sleeves, sheer patterned jackets and hand stitched beaded designs, emphasising the differentiation between traditional Abayas and Abayas from Walk N Closet. Our makeup and styling team carefully added makeup and jewelry that best paired with the garments, as well as representing the modern Arab woman, which would further attract and penetrate the target market.


The final result consisted of beautiful monochromatic photographs that portrayed the product as well as highlighted the details within the garment. Photographs also included an elegant use of jewelry and simplistic makeup, allowing them to maintain a consistent theme and representation of the Arab community.