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Branding Key Challenges

Nov 28, 2016 / by Leen Karim / In Branding, Services / Tags: , , / Leave a comment

What are the most important key challenges for branding?

Branding is where the whole evolution process of building/improving your brand begins; SPINNERS start by conducting a quantitative and qualitative research and study about your brand in order to set up a Brand Strategy for it. A brand strategy underlines many important factors;

Brand Positioning:

SPINNERS conduct a study on your brand vision and its relation to your target audience in order to know where to position it in the market. A branding key challenge for brand positioning is to optimize your product/service to target the right audience for your brand using your current resources in the most efficient way.

Story, Attributes & Values:

SPINNERS make these elements well defined and special to your brand to make your customers deal with it as a real character. A branding key challenge here is to make your brand story, attributes, and values reflect on consumers and help your brand and audience define each other.

Brand Tone of Voice and Brand Message:

Like individuals, your brand needs a unique voice to be heard. The feeling conveyed to your audience through your brand visual and written elements represent its tone of voice. A branding key challenge is to make your brand tone of voice persuasive and reliable for your audience in terms of what you offer.

Brand Identity:

SPINNERS create the visible elements of your brand that work all together to identify it and make it recognizable in the consumer’s mind. A branding key challenge is not to copy other competitive brands, but to be original and create a personalized identity that fits your brand image.

Brand Guidelines:

Provide Essential rules book for all designers and production team who are working now and in the future on the brand’s visuals to let them follow it strictly to ensure a unified image across all media. A branding key challenge is to set up a rich, yet simple rules book to serve as a universal visual language for your brand guidelines.

In addition to other details and factors, our team will develop your brand and make it a united entity through branding.

You can check our portfolio to see examples of our work in branding here

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